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Coming Down to the Wire... Wedding Mash-Up


The guests are assembled,

the Gentleman of Honor is ready...

but where are the bride and groom?

(And why are they singing?)

Status: in addition to its debut at the Palace Theater in Waterbury, this film has screened at the prestigious Adirondack Film Festival (October 2020), the Women's Comedy Film Festival in Atlanta (August 2019) where it was nominated for "Best Funny Music Video"; and, it screened and was nominated for "Funniest Music Video" at both the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival (September 2020), the Portland Comedy Film Festival (November 2019)! 

Check out the IMDB page here.

Concept: Elisabeth Ness and Ed Nescot. Direction: Kevin Sebastian. 

Lyrics: Elisabeth Ness and Ed Nescot. Musical arrangement: Keiji Ishiguri. Sound mixing/engineering: Christopher Gilroy. Vocal coaching: Laura Bergquist.

Camera: Ed Nescot, Kevin Sebastian, Elisabeth Ness, Andrew Schmertz. Editing: Ed Nescot.

Wedding Emcee/Gentleman of Honor: Kevin Sebastian. Film Cameos: Andrew Schmertz, David Flowers. 

Taxi Driver: Billy Kimmig. Airplane: Hopscotch Air.

Film Hair and PA: Mary Linehan. Bouquet: Sarah Carner. Film Wedding Dress: costume from a film gig.

Actual Wedding Dress (on stage): Stella York, Say I Do Bridal. Actual Hair/Makeup (on stage): J. Kinford Beauty Group.

Actual Groom's Suit (on stage): Le Chateau

Special Thanks: Audra Petrucelli and David Flowers, Palace Theater


"The Wedding" Trailer

A humorous look at two differing perspectives on the evolution of a relationship, as a bride and groom come closer to the ultimate test: The Wedding.

Editing: Dan Melius.  Animations/Graphics: Dan Melius. Music Supervising: Dan Melius.

Script: Elisabeth Ness, Ed Nescot, Dan Melius, Kevin Sebastian

Camera/Sound: Ed Nescot, Kevin Sebastian, Dan Melius, Elisabeth Ness

Voice of God Announcer: Ben Dawson


The Wedding - WedEdHappyNess film poster
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