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Pass The Salt logo - two people 
passing salt to each other

Running Time: 2 minutes 27 seconds

Experimental Micro-Short Film

Pass the Salt Productions and Good Porpoise Productions

present as part of Pass the Salt’s upcoming Wasabi: ‘Bits’ for the Mind

Status: Won the Audience Award in April at TMFF; won Best Experimental Film and Best Cinematography at the Austin Micro-Short Film Festival; nominated for awards at the Blackbird Film Festival.

Created By: Sarah Bierstock
Directed By: Elisabeth Ness
Produced By: Elisabeth Ness & Ed Nescot
Executive Producer: Sarah Bierstock
Starring: Sarah Bierstock
Director of Photography: Ed Nescot
Production Designer: Lina Younes
Sound Designer/Mixer: Jonathan Appell
Editor: Ed Nescot
Lighting & Camera Assistant: Erin Neitzel
Special Thanks: Artus Physical Therapy and Elysium Fitness

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Pass the Salt Productions

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