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The cast of Redhead Anonymous -  Good Porpoise Productions


To win a Redhead Scholarship,  Molly and her three ginger pals must find out: what does it mean to be a redhead?

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Good Porpoise’s award-winning hit comedy series

Redheads Anonymous is about more than just red hair.  


In its first season of five 7-minute episodes, the show explores

stereotypes, bullying, beauty standards, gingerism (a real term!),

screening for cancerous moles, and the way superficial qualities change how we treat each other and ourselves. It empowers misfits to appreciate the qualities that make each of us unique, and uses hair as an allegory for minority groups in America.  


The show has received 145,000+ views on YouTube, and positive reviews and mentions in USA Today, Tubefilter, The Huffington Post, Allure, Bust, VODzilla, Webvee Guide, Buzzfeed, and more.  


It won the top awards at NY Comedy Shorts, Katra Film Series, Short Stop International, Web Short of the Month, and Tiny Film Festival; received the Silver Excellence Award for Best Screenplay - and won for Best Sitcom Actress and Best Sitcom Screenplay - at the Rome Web Awards; and garnered nominations and Official Selections at numerous other festivals, including Indie Series Awards, Sunscreen Film Fest, HollyWeb, and ITVFest.  

Cast of  Redheads Anonymous -  Good Porpoise Productions
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the cast of Redhead's anonyous Elisabeth Ness, Ethan Slater, Juliet Brett, Kathleen Littlefield 
Redhead Anonymous comedy series with stars Elisabeth Ness, Ethan Slater, (Wicked, Fosse,Sponge  Bob)Juliet Brett, Kathleen Littlefield 
The cast of Redheads Anonymous including Elisabeth Ness & Ethan Slater (Wicked, Fosse Vernon),Juliet Brett, Kathleen Littlefield 

Redheads Anonymous Season One

Creator: Elisabeth Ness

Director: Daniel Seth 

Lead Cast: Elisabeth Ness, Ethan Slater, Juliet Brett, Kathleen Littlefield 

Writers: Elisabeth Ness, Kevin Sebastian, Juliet Brett, Justin Liebergen 

Exec Prod:  Ed Nescot, Vint Cerf, Ruth Ness 

Co-Prod: Natalie Neckyfarow 

Casting: Kimberly Graham, CSA

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